“I observed a significant decrease in anxiety and weepiness in a [Serper Method™] participant, and was able to reduce her anxiety medications by 75%.”
~ Floor nurse, Friends Fellowship Communities dementia unit, Richmond, IN

As a professional caregiver, you have been trained in various modes of rehabilitation, tutoring, or medicine. By adding the Serper Method™ to your toolkit, you can help maximize your patients’ cognition, memory, and socialization. It is a practical methodology that can conform to any living situation or client interest, and complements other rehabilitation techniques.

Dr. Serper trains and prepares staff and private practitioners to use this innovative program. Two-day Cognitive Educator™ certification trainings include one day of seminar, one day of clinical practice, and an eight-week telephone brainstorming follow-up. The trainings take place in Waltham, MA or on your site. Contact us to learn more about any of the Serper Method™ programs.

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