“My mother’s intellectual energy came back. She became more conversational, interested in each day, and kept track of her schedule”
~ Son of a patient using the Serper Method™, Waltham, MA

“This program shows how possible it is to defy ‘other people’s expectations.’”
~ S.S., spouse of person with dementia, Palm Beach, FL

“He’s never had anything to capture his interest since his retirement until he started working on The Serper Method™.”
~ J. F., spouse of man with Alzheimer’s disease, Newton, MA

Caregiving can be rewarding and fulfilling, but it also can wear one down. A caregiver's life changes as abruptly as that of the person who has survived the trauma. The Serper Method™ provides concrete strategies for both of you to adjust to – and thrive in – these roles.

As a caregiver, you can encourage improvement of the mind much like a personal fitness coach encourages a person to optimize physical condition. The Serper Method™ provides a well-planned way for patients and caregivers to spend time together using focused conversation and learning.

The program provides:

  • Lessons that encourage success and independence for students at any level
  • A structure that permits you to encourage the student and observe his or her progress
  • Opportunities for students to widen their awareness of environment, information and current events, enhance their social skills, and revive or develop hobbies, talents, or interests
  • Exercises that can be tailored by Dr. Serper to conform as closely as possible to your living situation and your student’s abilities

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