Reviews and Testimonials

Brainstorming: The Serper Method™ for Brain Recovery, Re-growth, and Vitality, tells the story of how Dr. Serper went from stroke victim – unable to speak, understand, remember, read, or write – to stroke survivor, and how, using the Serper Method™, you can too.

In addition to Serper’s story and exercises that can aid in recovery, the book includes chapters on dealing with unexpectedly becoming a caregiver, how friends can help, the role of adult children and grandchildren, and seeking emotional support.

For those who have trouble reading or speaking, the book is also available in an audio recording. In keeping with the Serper Method™, the reading/listening task can be used to support word recognition, comprehension and speech.


Dr. Serper Gives Hope

“Dr. L. Lazarus Serper has published a winner. Like Lazarus of the New Testament, she was entombed in her brain by a massive insult. After three long months she opened her eyes and believed she had the power to heal herself. And she did. This remarkable book outlines the journey the truly willful may take to get their brains back...and subsequently their lives.

"Brainstorming describes in detail the combination of exercises and prioritizing Ms. Serper practiced using her extensive knowledge of the brain's developmental process to retrain it...and take her life back. Not only did she take her brain back to kindergarten and work forward, she finished the Scientific Doctorate in Human Cognitive Functioning that was in progress when her brain suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm followed by a massive stroke with aphasia (inability to express herself) and right body weakness. She used what she knew of how the brain develops and restores itself to reprogram it with activities she had used in the classroom to assist students with mild to moderate brain dysfunction in re-gaining control by re-patterning the brain's dysfunction to that of function. Author, survivor, teacher and now doctor Serper explains and outlines the path to brain recovery as real and based upon the Darwinian Principle...that brains, thus their cells can grow with steadfast striving to survive.

“So take your brain to the brainstorming gymnasium and re-pattern information intake, storage, and recall. Who you were may be who you can become. Ms. Serper gives us hope, a scientifically proven plan, and a goal...taking our lives back. I found this book inspirational and it should be on the shelf of every resource library in every hospital in America.”

~ RMD, a grateful Reader

A Very Important Book

“This is a very important book. People need this kind of information and inspiration when they are challenged by Alzheimer's disease, stroke, or neurological illnesses.”

-- Doctor of Rehabilitative Medicine

A Captivating Narrative

“Today [Brainstorming] arrived and I sat right down and read it, straight through! It has a captivating narrative and lots of good points that need to be made.”

-- Professor of Human Development, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

The Serper Method™ Fills a Vacuum

“I think what you are doing clearly fills a vacuum that exists in the area of recovery of stroke victims and brain damaged accident victims. If there was this kind of information for caretakers when my friend had a stroke, things might have been different.”

-- D. C., Lawyer/Health Manager, Newton, MA

Early Onset Alzheimer's Treated

“I can say with confidence that Brainstorming and the Serper Method™ are effective tools for cognitive exercise and development. My father's early onset Alzheimer's has been significantly treated with this method.”

~ James A. Kaplan

Client Testimonials

A Brain-Stimulating Experience

“I would be happy to speak with anyone with about The Serper Method™. We are so pleased with the program and excited about the residents’ and family responses. The other positive of all of this – it has been a ‘brain-stimulating’ experience for all of us, and we are now looking at our entire activity program from a different perspective.”

-- S. D., Director of Nursing, Friends, Fellowship Communities, Richmond, IN

Understanding Cognitive Rehab

“A person living with early stage Alzheimer’s told my Serper Method™ work group that the program gave him hope. Wanting to protect him, I cautioned, ‘At the same time, we don't want to give false hope.’

“The student chastised me and strongly disagreed. He said, ‘Even though I might have only a month to live, because I was given hope, then that will cause me to live the last 30 days and not die the last 30 days.’

“I understood: I guess that sums up Cognitive Rehab – helping people live with this disease.”

~ E. V., Alzheimer Association Chapter Program Director, Dayton, OH

Clients Develop New Skills

“Participants [in my Serper Method™ group] developed and demonstrated independence, social interaction, social and conversational initiative, confidence and self-efficacy.”

-- C. H., Council of Jewish Elderly, Chicago, IL

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